Flavour Innovations in Chocolate Industry (2023)

Flavour Innovations in Chocolate Industry (2023)

One of the most popular sweets in the world is chocolate. Innovations in chocolates started to appear as market needs start to shift and more people demand healthier products and a lot cleaner label. Many market research companies have recently observed that white chocolate and chocolate that contains specific ingredients, like cannabis, will become more and more popular. Additionally, chocolate sales have increased by 12%, reaching $27 billion in 2020 worldwide. Due to the increased demand for chocolate, manufacturers have had to get even more innovative when it comes to the tastes and patterns of chocolate that are being made.

Popular Chocolate Flavour Trends and Advances (2023)
Our Application Specialist at United Group of Food Consultants (Mr. Ishdeep Singh) has curated latest trends for chocolate manufacturing companies. While the possibilities of creation and innovation are endless, here are a few trends that you can take advantage of

Citrus Flavours in Chocolates
Research companies such as Mintel and Pinsight have recorded many types of trends occurring in chocolate innovation. One of these trends is seemingly in the rise of fruits, natural flavours and ingredients. Citrus flavours especially such as lemon, have particularly become very popular globally during the pandemic. Companies are therefore trying to push the boundaries with what they can add to lemon flavoured chocolates to intrigue experimental consumers. United Group of Food Consultants provides you with a vast variety of flavours to infuse a citrus taste and aroma to your chocolates. Examples of these flavours include:
  • Bergamot Flavour
  • Orange Flavour
  • Lemon Flavour
  • Lime Flavour
  • Pomelo Flavour
  • Sweet Lime Flavour
Citrus Flavours in Chocolates
Citrus Flavours in Chocolates
Cannabis Inclusion in Chocolates
Cannabis Inclusion in Chocolates
Dessert Flavoring in Chocolate
Dessert Flavoring in Chocolate
Vegetables Infusions in Chocolates
Vegetables Infusions in Chocolates
Unique Fruit & Berries Flavours in Chocolates
Unique Fruit & Berries Flavours in Chocolates
White Chocolate Trends
White Chocolate Trends
Cannabis Inclusion in Chocolates
Cannabis inclusion in confectionery products has become yet another global trend in the culinary business. The industry has primarily seen cannabis compounds, including CBD, added to gummy candies for therapeutic purposes. More people are willing to ingest cannabis into their food to have a different experience as awareness of the health benefits of cannabis in treating neurological disorders and mental health issues has grown. In India, the use of leaves and seeds of the cannabis plant is permitted. Also, Uttrakhand became the first state to legalize cannabis cultivation in 2017.

Dessert Flavourings in Chocolates
Desserts used to contain chocolate, but nowadays chocolate confectionery uses desserts as a "ingredient". Desserts, including a wide variety of sweets like tiramisu, Crème Brulé, and Crepes, are evolving into flavours. Beyond baked desserts, we are also seeing things like milkshake and ice cream flavoured chocolate being launched. For ex Mousse Chocolate. United Group of Food Consultants have different premium dessert flavours range that can be used in dessert chocolates like
  • Cheese Cake Flavour
  • Choco Vanilla Cake Flavour
  • Cherry Cheese Flavour
  • Tiramisu Flavour
  • Truffle Flavour
  • Brownie Flavour

Vegetables Infusions in Chocolates
Although still uncommon, new vegetable-infused chocolate products have been introduced in Asia. Chocolate-covered potato chips, which may be categorised as more of a salty snack with chocolate (similarly, we have seen other salty snacks transitioning to chocolate, such as chocolate-covered pretzels and popcorn), are one of the vegetable-chocolate combinations we have seen. Edamame wrapped in chocolate, which appears to be the next development following wasabi-flavoured chocolate, which was a big craze last year, is the second Asian-inspired vegetable-based chocolate that we have seen. United Group of Food Consultants also provide vegetables flavourings like
  • Cucumber Flavour
  • Pumpkin Flavour

Unique Fruit & Berries Flavours in Chocolates
We have already seen a wide range of fruit – including strawberry, raspberry and cherry – added to chocolate, but there are now a lot more types of fruit being integrated. Peach is one of the fruits that have become more common. United Group of Food Consultants provides you with an extended range of unique fruit flavours. For instance,
  • Apple Rose Flavour
  • Black Currant Flavour
  • Black Grapes Flavour
  • Blueberry Flavour
  • Cranberry Flavour
  • Fruit Punch Flavour
  • Green Apple Flavour
  • Guava Flavour
  • Coconut Flavour
  • Passion Fruit Flavour
  • Peach Flavour
  • Pineapple Flavour
  • Pomegranate Flavour

Trend of Nuts in Chocolates
Almond, hazelnut, and peanut are the three nuts that are most commonly found in chocolate. But there has also been an increase in pistachio, which has shown in more goods this year, as well as a number of nut and seed or nut and component combinations. For example, Natural Dark Chocolate Chipotle Almonds, which comprises fresh California almonds cooked in small batches of cane sugar and a blend of chillies and spices. United Group of Food Consultants manufactures following nutty flavours for pairing with chocolates:
  • Pistachio Flavour
  • Almond Flavour
  • Cashew Flavour
  • Peanut Flavour
  • Hazelnut Flavour
  • Walnut Flavour

Moving of Cereals into Chocolate
Certain cereals have been included within chocolate for a while, but we are now seeing other types of cereals moving in, such as granola and muesli – that give the chocolate more texture.

Floral Flavours in Chocolate
While floral notes in chocolate products are still occasional, this is an avenue that has the potential to be explored more. For example, Hibiscus Peach Milk Chocolate Bar containing 41% cacao with Angelus peaches which are said to be high in potassium and vitamins and offer healthy protein and dietary fibre. United Group provides you with wide chunk of Fruit flavours. Examples include:
  • Jasmine Flavour
  • Rose Flavour
  • Lavender Flavour
  • Khus Flavour

White Chocolate Trends
We are seeing an increasing number of white chocolate launches on the market, with a lot of different and innovative fillings and flavourings. For example, White Yogurt Chocolate with Mango & Coconut.

Building and Layering Flavours
Recent quirky and interesting new product launches have included beer and chocolate, red wine and marzipan, smoked BBQ potato chips Dark Chocolate Bar and other fun products that demonstrate the extent to which chocolate serves as a great base for building and layering flavours.

United Group of Food Consultants is one of India's largest flavour development houses specializes in manufacturing and supplying flavours, both natural and NI, fruity and floral, quirky and basic, as well as liquid and powder.

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