Blog of Flavours for Biscuit, Cookie, Rusk or Cracker Manufacturing Units

Flavours for Biscuit, Cookie, Rusk or Cracker Manufacturing Units

This article will cover the options offered by United Group for manufacturers of cookies, biscuits, and crackers to create an impressive sensory experience with their simple baked products.

Benefits of Liquid Flavouring Ingredients by United Group
Developed from carefully selected ingredients, and blended in unique combinations, the liquid flavouring ingredients offered by United Group satisfy the preference of being,
  • FSSAI Certified,
  • Dairy-Free (Vegan),
  • Non-GMO,
  • Nut-free,
  • Heat tolerant
  • Functional for masking bitter tastes.
Flavours for Biscuit, Cookie, Rusk or Cracker

Here are the top 5 liquid flavours, widely used by manufacturers of baked food products:

Butter Flavour
With a distinct aroma and taste, United Group offers butter flavour for use in dough mixes, as well as popcorn and snack foods. The butter flavour, a nature-identical liquid ingredient is extensively used in the baking industry. This is a low cost, high-quality flavour ingredient created for today's food technology.

Desi Ghee Flavour
As popular as the butter flavour, the desi ghee flavour captures the rich fragrance and taste of ghee. The flavour is widely used in biscuits, rusks and cookies manufacturing units, and is looked at as an effective alternative to adding the feel of ghee to vegan, dairy-free products. Just like the butter flavour, desi ghee flavour is also an affordable ingredient developed using a unique recipe to offer a characteristic aroma to biscuits.

Vanilla Flavour
The satisfying taste of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies comes from the rich Vanilla flavour, blended perfectly in the dough. United Group offers nature-identical Vanilla flavouring in liquid form, for its use in biscuits, muffins, cakes and ice creams.

Cardamom Flavour
Cardamom flavour has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic fragrance. United Group offers Cardamom flavour for its flawless application in rusks and cookies. The liquid flavouring ingredient goes well with dessert premixes, condiments and foodservice applications as well.

Milk Flavour
The pleasant taste of milk is an essential ingredient in many favourite foods, and can even be an essential ingredient in bakery applications. Appropriate for cookies, dairy and non-dairy beverages and creamers, dairy-alternative cheeses, desserts, nutritional bars and more, the milk flavour is a liquid flavouring ingredient that offers a perfect mouthfeel for most products.

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